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The Road Experience - Dimos Alimou 1

The Mayor of Alimos wishes us "a nice trip"

In a pleasant farewell meeting at the Alimos Town Hall, the Mayor of Alimos Mr. Andreas Kondylis wished us "a nice trip". In the presence of the Deputy Mayor Mr. Nikos Alexopoulos, as well as representatives of the sponsors of The Road Experience, Andreas Kondylis...

Our trip on Car & Driver

The No1 car portal Car & Driver hosted our trip in a beautiful tribute. Car & Driver, always a pioneer in informing automotive enthusiasts, carries the message of The Road...

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Leonidas as Golden Sponsor on our journey

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the Belgian company Leonidas as a Gold Sponsor of The Road Experience. We are honoured to have sponsors by our side who embody the virtues of quality, timelessness and social contribution...