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Through this journey we will discover some truths that, although they sound simple, hold great power.


Life can be simple and beautiful...

Small changes in habits, small daily decisions, can transform the quality of our lives


Everything can be accomplished more slowly...

By stopping time for a while, by going off the slow "roads", we discover another reality, clothed in harmony, tranquility and creativity...


Finding the pleasure in the "journey"...

The goals in our lives are there to guide us, but it is the continuous journey towards their fulfillment that is of the greatest value



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The journey is the occasion and provides the framework that makes us think more deeply, to find answers that help us on our way.


Jumping off the van

This journey will be different... That's why at The Road Experience we want to acquire different habits. Every little change can make a difference.



Through this journey, we will discover some truths that, although they sound simple, hold great power.

Our mission

in the mirror

In the age of information and speed, the aim is to bring out in practice a different approach to modern life.


Van front view

The Road Experience would not be possible without the significant contribution of sponsors who support our project.

The photographers

Photographers Clio Psaraki and Akis Christou

Companions with imagination, photographers of moments with value, creators of images with power. Clio Psaraki and Akis Christou travel to unknown roads, searching for beauty in simplicity and harmony....


The van

It is a great honor for us to have the support of The Road Experience - 2023 from renowned institutions in Greece and abroad.