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Communaute Hellenique de Bruxelles

Under the Aegis of the Hellenic Community of Brussels

When an idea takes the road to implementation, the excitement is great. But when this idea is embraced by renowned, prestigious and distinguished international actors, such as the Hellenic Community of Brussels, then it has the power to take off.

The Road Experience is honored to be under the auspices of the Hellenic Community of Brussels, an institution with a long history, deep foundations and impressive social and cultural action.

Philippos Kotsaridis

Ο The President of the Hellenic Community of Brussels Mr. Philippos Kotsaridis μιλάει για το presented


It is an honour and a pleasure for the Hellenic Community of Brussels to support this unique initiative, this unusual journey with a variety of social messages that will "tour" us through the streets of Europe. It is a unique journey, starting in Athens and ending in Brussels and the European Parliament, which will last from the 1st to the 31st of August 2023.

We are convinced that through this reportage and the rich photographic material that will emerge, we will discover untold beauties of nature and unique lessons on stress management, time management, well-being and the proper use of modern technology, which can ultimately bring us closer to nature rather than distancing us from it.

We are committed as a Community to communicate support for this unprecedented and impressive project by following the journey of Ms. Clio Psaraki.

Philippos Kotsaridis

President of the Hellenic Community of Brussels

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